Vital Communities Newsletter (October 2023)

Site Works Update

Stage 1 bulk earthworks are complete, paving the way for the civil works to begin. Delays have been faced due to Council drawing hold-ups, but we’re excited to partner with local contractors DPJ, with work starting in early November. Watch as the site transforms and roads begin to materialize.

Stage 3 Release

Nature has its moods, and July saw its fair share of rain. The soggy terrain has posed its challenges, but our dedicated team remains undeterred. Progress might be a tad slower than usual, but rest assured, every brick laid and every site worked on is a step closer to realizing our shared dream.

Planning Your Move

Make your home uniquely yours. We offer a range of interior and exterior customization options, from color palettes to varying appliance packages and tailored landscaping. Your future home awaits, personalized to your taste.

Reduced Living Costs with Vital:

Our focus is on ensuring affordable living. Bendigo will introduce an embedded energy network, promising substantial savings on electricity and water. Plus, take advantage of National Seniors Australia’s discount program, offering a myriad of savings for its members. More Info Here

Reimagining “Downsizing”

Contrary to common belief, downsizing might mean opting for something more expansive. Take Pam’s journey as an example, where a larger choice in a Land Lease Community amplified her annual pension by roughly $9,750. Learn more about such surprising benefits of “downsizing” here.

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