Vital Communities Newsletter (Feb 2023)

On-site Progress & Exciting Times Ahead

We’re moving dirt and building dreams! We’re thrilled to announce that earthworks have commenced on-site, paving the way for our new homes. Pending council sign-off, we’re set for a full-throttle start in March. And speaking of new beginnings, as stage 2 homes are fast filling up, we’re gearing up for the release of our Stage 3 homes in March 2023. Watch this space!

Introducing ‘The Terraces’

Every home tells a story, and ‘The Terraces’ promises to be a bestseller! A stellar new design from our Stage 3 lineup, The Terraces combine contemporary aesthetics with functional living. Be among the first to get an exclusive peek.

Bendigo’s Real Estate Scene: The Rise Continues

The Bendigo Advertiser recently spotlighted a trend we’ve been closely watching: while the broader residential property market has found its equilibrium, Bendigo stands out with a significant rise. The median house price here saw an uptick of $55,000 over the previous twelve months. [Link to the full article]

Tackling the Rising Cost of Living

With financial landscapes evolving, we’ve penned down our thoughts on the escalating living costs. We discuss the factors at play, its impact on everyday lives, and tips on staying ahead.

Navigating Finances: A Guide to Selling or Buying

Whether you’re thinking of selling or buying, managing your finances is paramount. We’ve summarized key pointers to assist you, and there’s also a link to Services Australia. This government website provides comprehensive information on managing your assets, offering invaluable insights directly from the Australian government.

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